The Municipality of Brighton is a lower tier municipality with a population of approximately 11,000. The municipality is increasingly becoming a bustling center for extraordinary craft and trade entrepreneurs, adult education, tourism, and lifestyle. The Brighton Industrial Park is located within 5 km of Highway 401 and the downtown core.  If you are planning to find employment or build a business in Brighton, here are some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind.

Business Support

Brighton is a full-serviced community that is close to the city centers and natural resources. If you are a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, Brighton has a lot to offer in terms of business support, development assistance, and economic incentives. The local government offers numerous support programs through its partnerships with the Northumberland County Economic Development and the Quinte Economic Development Commission. It also provides assistance and information about potential clients and customers, site development, training locations and programs, and other business incentives that you can benefit from.

Business Development Services

There are numerous organizations in Brighton which provide business development services to assist new, relocating, and existing businesses. Some of these organizations include the following: the Brighton-Cramahe Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization which helps businesses collaborate and promote economic development and tourism. Another organization is  Business and Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland which helps entrepreneurs in the county start a small business or expand their current one. The local government also provides basic information about the following topics: zoning, building permits, and building approvals.

Economic Development Services

Brighton is a member of the Quinte Economic Development Commission. The Northumberland County also provides economic development services to the municipality. There are various lands, buildings, and business parks available to fledgling entrepreneurs or relocating business owners. Brighton's Municipal Industrial Park provides low-cost land to starting or expanding businesses. There are also presently no development fees for industrial development in the area. On top of the municipal industrial park, the Quinte Economic Development Commission can also assist businesses in searching for the perfect industrial location for their business.