If it is your first time visiting Brighton and you are wondering what to do and where you can go, here are some of the top activities that Brighton is known for.

Bird Watching

Brighton is home to a wide variety bird species, which make it the perfect place for birding or bird watching. Presqu'ile Park and the Brighton Constructed Wetland are popular bird habitats that you can visit. Presqu'ile Provincial Park, in particular, is famous among bird watchers because more than 300 species of bird can be seen in the area. Every spring, thousands of migrating ducks and other waterfowl species take a break in the area before they continue their migration to the north. The community also hosts numerous public bird watching events and activities.

Fishing and Boating

If you like water sports or water-based activities, Brighton also has a lot to offer in this aspect. Brighton is a gateway to the Trent Severn Waterway and the 1000 islands. Both places can be easily accessed by boat. The Murray Canal, which runs Presqu'ile Bay to the Bay of Quinte, connects the municipality with the City of Quinte West. The community also organizes regular public boat launches and docks in several locations including Stoney Point, Bay and Baldwin Street, Ontario and Harbour Street, and Presqu'ile Park.

At Presqu’ile Park, you can try out water-based activities such as swimming, windsurfing, diving, and fishing. There is a renting shop where water enthusiasts can rent watercraft for their activities. The park is, additionally, a very popular spot for fishing hobbyists and enthusiasts in Brighton. During the winter months, you can rent ice fishing gear for the shop so that can “walk on water” to your preferred fishing spot. Aside from the park, there are other fishing holes in the municipality that visitors can check out.

Visiting Presqu'ile Park

Presqu’ile Park is one of the top tourists destinations in the municipality. It has over 300 car camping sites in various settings from shoreline to forest as well as 2.5 km of sandy beach. Hikers can check out the 16 km of trails and paths along shorelines and through woodlands and meadows.