Brighton still has the spirit of the municipality’s early settlers, who built some of the most acclaimed apple orchards in the country. This vivid heritage is retained in many places throughout Brighton such as the local museum in Proctor House, another local museum inside the cottage of a former lighthouse keeper, and a plaque found in the south which commemorates the foundering of the schooner Speedy in 1804. If you want to learn more about the culture, history, and heritage of Brighton, here are some of the best places to visit.

Brighton Barn Theatre

Brighton Barn Theatre is located in the Proctor-Simpson Barn, located in the heart of Proctor Park. The original barn was built in the 1880’s, reconstructed in 2000, and opened again to the public in 2001. The barn is partially a museum with captivating period displays right in the downstairs lobby area. It is also home to the theatre itself which seats 125 people. The organization does not only stage comedy and drama productions throughout the year, it also provides financial support for the Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO). SOHO is a charitable organization which is committed to the restoration and maintenance of the Proctor House Museum, a historical Brighton landmark.

Quinte Arts Council

The Quinte Arts Council is located at 36 Bridge Street East in downtown Belleville. It houses both the Quinte Arts Council Gallery and a gift shop. The council is a registered charitable umbrella organization, which aims to promote artists and arts communities from all disciplines. It is also dedicated to furthering the municipality’s appreciation of arts and culture. Its art display and exhibit is changed every quarter. The gallery showcases more than 500 local artists in non-conventional forms to raise awareness for the art community.

Northumberland Hills Arts Association

The Northumberland Hills Arts Association or the Spirit of the Hills is composed of artists, artisans, performing artists, photographers, writers and patrons who embrace all forms of art including the performing and visual arts, media, design, and literature. Its objective is to build and maintain the Arts and Artists in Northumberland County.